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Avoid a Highway Accident With These Important Maintenance Tasks

20 June 2016
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Getting into an accident on the highway not only puts yourself and your own vehicle in danger, but others as well. When it comes down to it, many accidents can be avoided by keeping your car in good condition with the following maintenance tasks. Inspect and Maintain Your Brakes One of the most important things to do when it comes to maintaining your vehicle is to make sure your brakes are in good condition. Read More …

Food For All: Concession Trailer Acquisition Tips

17 May 2016
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The decision to invest in a concession trailer is a wise one. Owning one such trailer allows a restaurant owner (for example) to take his or her food items closer to the consumer. Concession trailers seldom come cheap. Thus restaurant owner need to ensure that they make the best choice of trailer out of the several options available at their disposal. With this in mind, here are a few factors to consider when making a choice between two or more concession trailers. Read More …

The Driver’s Guide To Re-built Diesel Engines

9 May 2016
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There are various reasons that may account for the ever-increasing demand for re-built or re-manufactured diesel engines. Top on the list of these advantages is the fact that a re-built diesel engine will almost always be more affordable than a new engine, without necessarily compromising on the quality of engine performance. This article seeks to shed some light on the topic of re-built diesel engines by providing answers to three common questions on the same. Read More …