Food For All: Concession Trailer Acquisition Tips

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Food For All: Concession Trailer Acquisition Tips

17 May 2016
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The decision to invest in a concession trailer is a wise one. Owning one such trailer allows a restaurant owner (for example) to take his or her food items closer to the consumer.

Concession trailers seldom come cheap. Thus restaurant owner need to ensure that they make the best choice of trailer out of the several options available at their disposal. With this in mind, here are a few factors to consider when making a choice between two or more concession trailers.

The Nature Of Food Items To Be Sold

This is perhaps the most important factor that should influence a restaurant owner's choice of concession trailer. This is because the freshness of different food items is preserved under different conditions of temperature and humidity.

As such, a restaurant owner's preferred choice of truck should have the capacity to provide the required levels of humidity and temperature. Restaurant owners should invest in a climate-controlled concession truck. The climate-control feature in these trucks allows for the regulation and monitoring of temperature and humidity within the trailer so that the food will stay within the safety zones.

Those who intend to sell a wide variety of perishable products should invest in a climate-controlled truck that is segmented into different and independent temperature zones.

New Or Pre-Owned Trailer?

Restaurant owners who have a small budget for a concession trailer need not despair and they need not give up on their dream of taking the food closer to the consumer.

A pre-owned trailer that is still in good working condition will do everything that a new concession trailer does. The only difference is that a new concession trailer will be slightly more efficient at executing its functions. However, the slight loss of efficiency is a small price to pay for the significantly lower price tag on a pre-owned concession trailer.

Availability Of Trailer Spare Parts In The Event Of Break-Down

Various components of the new truck (e.g couplings and brake pads) will suffer the damaging effects of wear and tear after being in use for a considerable amount of time. Thus, repairs to trailer components and their occasional replacement are inevitable occurrences during the trailer's lifespan.

Before settling for one trailer model over another, it is important for a restaurant owner to confirm that spare parts for the trailer are readily available within his or her locality. Many times, those who own concession trailers are forced to import spare trailer parts from overseas countries. This can easily translate to huge losses if the trailer remains grounded until the imported spare parts are shipped in.