A Guide on How to Purchase Wheel Alignment Lifts

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A Guide on How to Purchase Wheel Alignment Lifts

3 November 2021
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Alignment lifts are perfect for people who own repair shops, home garages, or repair workshops for their fleet. 4-post wheel alignment lifts are a favourite for most people since they allow you to lift the vehicle on all wheels. Besides, you can use the lift as temporary vehicle storage in your garage. So, what should you consider when buying a 4-post wheel alignment lift? Read the extract below. 

Lift Features

What features do you need on the alignment lift? Ideally, you should assess the needs of your repair shop or garage to establish the required components. Below are the features to look for when purchasing an alignment lift: 

  • Examine the maximum height of the lift? Typically, you need a lift with a higher lift limit if your garage does not have a pit or intend to store items beneath the lift.
  • Preferably, the turn and slip plates should have aligners, pneumatic or solenoid locks, or since they are easier to use compared to pins.
  • Check the quality of turn plates. Heavy-duty stainless steel plates will not suffer damages when aligning vehicles on the lift.
  • How much weight can the lift bear? A higher weight limit allows you to lift heavy vehicles such as SUVs and trucks.
  • How long is the lift? You need a longer lift if you intend to align long-wheelbase cars.
  • Will you opt for a surface or flush mount lift? A flush-mounted lift does not require a ramp. Therefore, it takes less shop space. 


Consult with mechanics and repair shops or conduct market research to establish which companies make durable lifts. Other than the durability of the lift, examine the availability of customer support services. For example, some companies will offer free training and software upgrades. You should also ensure that the lift is compatible with other alignment equipment at your garage. For instance, if you have 3D camera systems, the lift should enable you to use these cameras. 

Pricing and Payment Options 

How much are you willing to spend? Your budget is a significant consideration when buying the lift. However, you should not compromise on low-quality equipment if you do not have adequate funds. Some dealers will allow you to buy the alignment lift in small instalments. However, you will pay slightly more. Alternatively, you can ask your bank to fund your project. You could also opt to buy a used alignment lift. However, remember to conduct due diligence to determine the condition of the equipment. 

When buying a 4-post aligner lift, examine the lift features, manufacturer, pricing, and available payment options.