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How To Tell If Your Steering Box Needs Repairs

19 March 2021
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Steering boxes are an essential component to driving any vehicle safely, and it is important that you identify any issues that may arise as they come up so you are not putting yourself in danger. The problem can be that many people who notice something is different just put it off because nothing bad has happened so far. But riding your luck like that can be very dangerous indeed, with broken steering causing serious crashes on occasion. Read More …

Top Considerations During Log Book Servicing

21 August 2020
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Without a doubt, buying a car is a significant milestone for most people. Nonetheless, if you intend to prolong your car's service life, you should prioritise logbook servicing. Unfortunately, many people fail to place the required attention to logbook servicing, which results in costly repairs. However, you can avoid being part of the statistics by taking your vehicle for scheduled logbook servicing clinics regularly. Before you avail your car to a service dealer for maintenance, you should be aware of the most critical aspects of logbook servicing. Read More …

How to Look after the Rear Axle Steering on Your Truck

30 July 2019
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If you drive a large truck, then you know that it requires a deal of maintenance if you are going to get full value out of the vehicle and achieve maximum productivity. After all, in order to function correctly, it relies on a variety of different parts and all of these will wear out as time goes by. You may be familiar with the more identifiable parts and understand how important it is to service the engine, brakes and transmission, but some lesser-known parts will also need attention. Read More …

Car Battery Failure – Are Your Spark Plugs the Problem?

6 April 2018
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Whenever you put your car key in the ignition, you subconsciously wait for that welcoming sound of your engine roaring into life. Thus, when your vehicle does not respond as it always does, it can be quite alarming! In general, when motorists experience car trouble with their engine, they immediately tend to assume that their car battery is the problem. Although the battery does play a critical role in the overall functioning of your vehicle, it is not always the culprit. Read More …

How to Troubleshoot Issues With Your Turbo Accessories

5 December 2017
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If your vehicle isn't getting the boost you want, you may be having issues with the boost sensor or some other turbo accessories. You need to figure out what's happening and repair the issue. Let these tips help you with that process.   Check the Vacuum Line In some cases, the boost sensor may be fine, but the vacuum lines may not be working. Visually examine them. They should be flexible and intact. Read More …