How to Look after the Rear Axle Steering on Your Truck

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How to Look after the Rear Axle Steering on Your Truck

30 July 2019
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If you drive a large truck, then you know that it requires a deal of maintenance if you are going to get full value out of the vehicle and achieve maximum productivity. After all, in order to function correctly, it relies on a variety of different parts and all of these will wear out as time goes by. You may be familiar with the more identifiable parts and understand how important it is to service the engine, brakes and transmission, but some lesser-known parts will also need attention. For example, did you know that your truck may be equipped with rear-axle steering, due to its size and configuration?

Extra Functionality

You are probably familiar with the conventional steering system on your truck and understand, in general, how it works. Designers and engineers know how difficult it can be to manoeuvre a large truck like this — especially at slow speeds — so they have introduced a concept to make it a lot easier. Rear-axle steering has been around for some time and it is also found on some higher-end automobiles, largely for marketing purposes.

Benefits of Rear Axle Steering

When this type of steering system is fitted to a bigger vehicle, it can help to increase stability, reduce the turning radius and make it a lot easier for the driver to handle the truck. However, there are more individual steering parts and they will fail with time, so you need to keep a close eye on this technology.

Types of System

There are a number of different systems on the market, so you will need to check what is fitted to your truck. Some have a miniature steering rack mounted under the rear axle with tie rods that connect to the rear hubs that allow the hubs to pivot. This is all controlled by a computer through a sensor mounted on the steering column. Once you start to manoeuvre at slow speeds, this throws up an algorithm that adjusts the position of the rear wheels in relation to the front.

Some manufacturers choose to install a motor on each of the rear wheels with an actuator that helps to adjust the "stance" of the wheel when needed.

Regular Maintenance

Whichever type of system is fitted to your truck, make sure that you maintain it in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations. Some of the parts will need to be changed at regular intervals. Always make sure that you get the highest quality components for maximum value.

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