Top Considerations During Log Book Servicing

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Top Considerations During Log Book Servicing

21 August 2020
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Without a doubt, buying a car is a significant milestone for most people. Nonetheless, if you intend to prolong your car's service life, you should prioritise logbook servicing. Unfortunately, many people fail to place the required attention to logbook servicing, which results in costly repairs. However, you can avoid being part of the statistics by taking your vehicle for scheduled logbook servicing clinics regularly. Before you avail your car to a service dealer for maintenance, you should be aware of the most critical aspects of logbook servicing. Here are a few factors to prioritise during logbook servicing.  

Dealer vs. Non-Dealer Servicing -- Your choice of service shop you take your car to for scheduled maintenance might have significant implications on auxiliary services. Most vehicle brands advise their customers to undertake logbook servicing in approved dealers' shops to guarantee quality workmanship. Moreover, some insurance firms require their clients to take their cars for repair in particular garages. Nonetheless, fair competition rules outlaw exclusive dealing to prevent limiting the choice of customers in the market. Therefore, a vehicle manufacturer or insurance entity cannot void an agreement because of the decision of a client. However, approved dealers may specialise and provide superior services, especially regarding specific car models.

Read User Manual -- Log book servicing is a technical exercise that tends to turn off most car owners. Although going through a car user manual is not an exciting prospect for most people, it is vital since it outlines all the dos and donts concerning maintenance. Most importantly, the service document provides specific information on the model parts to be replaced, thereby enhancing the service life of a car. If an incompatible spare part is used, it is likely to undermine a vehicle's performance and lead to early breakdowns. Moreover, a user manual provides instructions on DIY maintenance services, which are vital to handy car owners. For example, a user manual outlines the procedures for changing blinker lights.

Non-Dealer Parts -- Vehicle spare parts are pricey, especially when original equipment is acquired. Nonetheless, the costs can be reduced through the purchase of fabricated parts, which offer the same service in most cases. While the practice might undermine your case during a warranty claim, the cost benefits are substantial, particularly for car owners on a tight budget. However, be keen when shopping for non-genuine spare parts to ensure that you acquire the best quality and avoid damaging your prized car.

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