The Driver's Guide To Re-built Diesel Engines

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The Driver's Guide To Re-built Diesel Engines

9 May 2016
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There are various reasons that may account for the ever-increasing demand for re-built or re-manufactured diesel engines. Top on the list of these advantages is the fact that a re-built diesel engine will almost always be more affordable than a new engine, without necessarily compromising on the quality of engine performance.

This article seeks to shed some light on the topic of re-built diesel engines by providing answers to three common questions on the same.

What Is Involved In The Engine Rebuild Process?

Many diesel-engine vehicle owners do not have an in-depth understanding of the engine-rebuild process.

A diesel engine to be re-built is first disassembled so as to allow for the chemical cleaning of its constituent components. Individual engine components are inspected and tested before they can be re-assembled.

The engine re-build process also involves the inspection of cylinder blocks within the diesel engine. This inspection is aimed at identifying surface cracks, cylinder bores and crank bores among other possible defects. The identification of such defects prompts the need to undertake necessary repairs. Re-building of the diesel engine's cylinder block also involves testing the pressure of water passages within the cylinder block.

The next step in the engine re-build process involves the replacement of connecting rods and blowers within the engine compartment and the re-manufacture of water and fuel pumps within the engine. Bench-testing of fuel and water pumps is done before the engine hits the market.

Finally, the diesel engine is re-assembled using new seals, gaskets, and ball bearings and so on. The re-built engine is then tested for its oil pressure, crankcase pressure and horsepower output among several other qualities/specifications. The final step in the re-build exercise involves the rust-proofing and weather-proofing of the engines. This is done using a layer of red oxide or using enamel paint.

Are Re-Built Engines Warranty Protected?

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that a re-built diesel engine will have a warranty. For this reason, diesel-engine vehicle owners are advised to settle for OEM re-built engines from trusted engine manufacturers.

After-market re-built diesel engines from third party dealers seldom have warranty protection.

How Can One Identify Genuine OEM Re-Built Diesel Engines? 

The procedure for doing this varies from one diesel engine manufacturer to the next. For example, vehicle owners looking to identify a genuine Deutz re-built diesel engine should check the engine identification plate for details of the specific engine model and for its serial number.

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