Car Battery Failure – Are Your Spark Plugs the Problem?

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Car Battery Failure – Are Your Spark Plugs the Problem?

6 April 2018
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Whenever you put your car key in the ignition, you subconsciously wait for that welcoming sound of your engine roaring into life. Thus, when your vehicle does not respond as it always does, it can be quite alarming! In general, when motorists experience car trouble with their engine, they immediately tend to assume that their car battery is the problem. Although the battery does play a critical role in the overall functioning of your vehicle, it is not always the culprit. On some occasions, you may be surprised to find that it is the spark plugs that are causing you this inconvenience. Typically underrated, these components are vital when it comes to utilising the battery's energy to spark the engine. Hence, when they are malfunctioning, your vehicle suffers too. So what are the warning signs that your car trouble is possible stemming from your spark plugs?

The engine is refusing to cooperate

Fully functional spark plugs are responsible for absorbing electrical currents and subsequently utilising this power to create a spark between fuel and air in your vehicles combustion chamber. This combustion process is important because the lack thereof, your engine will not be capable of starting. Moreover, the combustion process is what supplies the power that is required to keep your vehicle in motion. If the spark plugs lose their ability to relay this electrical current, you will immediately experience trouble with starting your engine.

The engine is misfiring

The second symptom of spark plugs that are on the decline is your engine periodically misfiring. Misfiring refers to when a perfectly running engine spontaneously comes to a halt for a moment before resuming its operation. Do not make the misassumption that this is an issue that will resolve itself, though. Periodic misfiring will steadily take a toll on your engine and could cause irreparable damage when left to go on unhampered. Besides, the misfiring could also pose a risk to the lifespan of your car battery. Motorists are advised to have their spark plugs examined, as misfiring is an indicator of their inability to properly combust the air and fuel in the chamber. 

The vehicle is guzzling fuel

You may be surprised to learn that sparks plugs are not exclusively tasked with facilitating the starting of your engine. Another little-known job they perform is help in fuel conservation. When your spark plugs are untainted, they will decrease the volume of emissions that emanate from your vehicle. Once they have been compromised, however, the engine works harder, and in turn, your fuel usage escalates too.